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Put a pot of coffee on. We’re here to have a talk about all the important things in life. You know, like light bulbs, the joy in executing pop-up retail, trying to outwit Amazon, whether the designated hitter should be allowed in the NL or not, if Area 51 actually exists, and so on.



The future of energy is here. Beneficial electrification. Utilities and energy providers need to educate their customers about this disruptive shift with an omnichannel marketing and awareness approach. The challenge of explaining a multifaceted concept like beneficial electrification to a customer becomes a much easier proposition when they can experience firsthand what new technologies can do for their home.


12 Nov: Make it 4 years straight with Mass Fallen Heroes

Four. Years. Straight. That’s commitment. And that’s what TechniArt and Mass Save have collaborated to do for a great charity, Massachusetts Fallen Heroes, for since 2016. Together, we have managed to raise over $110,000 for Mass Fallen Heroes, which benefits Gold Star Families and returning Veterans who participate in their programs

06 Nov: Win with LTOs!

This past July, Amazon’s Prime Day occurred. If you’re not familiar with Prime day, the short-term sales promotion offers members exclusive discounts for various household goods. Years ago, this was just an Amazon thing amongst the major U.S. e-commerce retailers. Now you’re hard pressed to find a serious online shop that isn’t launching their own online holiday to grab your attention and get your money.