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Public Events: Go where the crowd is.

If your customers are anything like us, they like to get out and about and try new things (within reason). What a PERFECT time to have a conversation about your program and energy-efficiency and entice them to try something new in their home. While e-commerce is all the rage these days (we’re pretty awesome at that too), retail was born through pop-up shops at bazaars and public markets and is not going away anytime soon.

Retail the way it’s always been done.

The birth of retail started with vendors popping up in public to sell products. We stumbled upon this truth in our earliest days supporting utility and energy-efficiency programs in selling CFLs (remember those things?) to uninterested customers and became pretty good at it over time. We learned when you combine a good offer, quality products, and a hands-on educational experience, customers are more than willing to make a purchase. No two events are the same, but they all offer the following benefits:

  • Claim energy savings for each sale
  • Custom-branded “packs” or “kits” that not only deliver multi-measure savings, but act as a “walking billboard” promoting your program and brand
  • Low-cost of entry and fast set-up

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Case Studies

New Jersey Clean Energy Program Pop-up Retail Program

TechniArt has supported the New Jersey Clean Energy Program with pop-up retail since 2008 and has become one of the programs longest tenured vendors. Our team executed as high as 141 events in a calendar year, coordinating with each utility for successful execution. In addition, we have helped drive program activity beyond lighting and products, most notably for the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program in assisting customers connect with contractors for an audit.

Case Study PSEG Long Island

PSEG-Long Island Pop-up Retail Program

PSEG-LI sought new channels to increase sales of lighting and advanced power strips. TechniArt, through CLEAResult, helped establish a new retail channel utilizing pop-up events primarily at public events to engage PSEG-LI customers directly and drive sales. We executed nine pop-up events throughout their service territory to reach new customers, selling 30,452 products.


Energy-saving kit programs remain an integral part of residential portfolios based on their effectiveness in introducing customers to products that can quickly make an impact in a home. Whether it’s through enhancing building performance through improved weatherization, mitigating the energy required to heat water, or eliminating wasted energy from electronic devices, bundled offerings are the hands-on, interactive delivery mechanism programs can use to get their customer invested and engaged in improving whole home efficiency

May 10, 2023

The future of energy is here. Beneficial electrification. Utilities and energy providers need to educate their customers about this disruptive shift with an omnichannel marketing and awareness approach. The challenge of explaining a multifaceted concept like beneficial electrification to a customer becomes a much easier proposition when they can experience firsthand what new technologies can do for their home.

July 11, 2022

“I’ll be back.”  

The Governator was on to something when he said that. Who knew this pithy three-word phrase laid the foundation for successful e-commerce strategy adopted by companies ranging from Target to TechniArt? 

May 13, 2022

What Else Do We Have Up Our Sleeves?

Good question. It may be another Guiding Goddess or torchiere recycling type idea. Whatever it is, stay up to date on what’s currently going through the minds of your favorite fast and friendly retailer.

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