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Pop-Up Retail: Get Front And Center With Your Customers!

Our core competency, and most popular service, pop-up retail, helps customers save energy and programs achieve their goals all through face-to-face engagement at just about any type of event you can conjure. We know pop-up works because we have executed close to 4,000 pop-up events since Tiger Woods first won the Masters in 1997. No matter the venue or your goal, we have plenty of options to help you sell products and build brand affinity.

Employee Engagement

Reward and engage your customers where you get their attention.

When better to engage your customers than while at work! In between trips to the water cooler and scrolling Facebook, you have the opportunity to bring the store to them to sell efficient products and build awareness on your program and other available offerings.

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techniart employee engagement

Public Events

Sell products here, there, and everywhere. Literally.

You name the venue; we’ve probably been there. Our ability to be here, there, and everywhere (what’s up John and Paul?) has helped utility and energy efficiency programs extend their coverage effortlessly in their service territories. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to your customers on their terms and help them further their journey to becoming more energy efficient.

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Brand Attachers

Get to know your customers to old fashioned way, face-to-face.

Want to know what’s on your customers mind? We can help. Our brand attachers will extract insights and deliver them to you so you can make real-time program enhancements that improves the customer experience and overall satisfaction.

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