Everyday Low-Price Customer Marketplaces: Built For Product Sales And Program Participation.

For customizable, secure, insured, and scalable marketplaces built and designed to sell products and help you attain program goals. With optional plug-ins, widgets, and validation methods, let us help you set up shop to cater to your customer’s unique needs, nuances, and preferences.

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If you build it (with us), they will come.

Anybody can build you a marketplace. Not everyone can build a marketplace that actually moves products. That’s what you do when you’re a retailer – it’s kinda how you make a living. Our marketplace solution offers:

  • A true one-stop shop: development and design, product procurement, fulfillment, marketing, customer service, reporting, and all that jazz.
  • Low start-up and annual maintenance costs.
  • Available on-call marketing and consulting services from industry recognized e-commerce pioneers to scale activity as desired.

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Case Studies

Hawaii Energy Online Marketplace

TechniArt launched an online marketplace for Hawaii Energy in collaboration with Honeywell. In order to engage customers and drive sales, TechniArt utilized a promotional limited-time offer approach. This approach worked well, converting close to 50% of all customers who visited the storefront during the first series of limited-time offers.

Ambit Energy: Online Marketplace

TechniArt launched marketplaces for several energy providers in Texas through close collaboration with CLEAResult. CLEAResult approached TechniArt with a need that others couldn’t satisfy – develop branded marketplace extensions for interested energy providers to customize based on their different programs. Our programmer and UI designer developed marketplaces with embedded customer validation capabilities that launched quick and without delay.


The future of energy is here. Beneficial electrification. Utilities and energy providers need to educate their customers about this disruptive shift with an omnichannel marketing and awareness approach. The challenge of explaining a multifaceted concept like beneficial electrification to a customer becomes a much easier proposition when they can experience firsthand what new technologies can do for their home.

July 11, 2022

“I’ll be back.”  

The Governator was on to something when he said that. Who knew this pithy three-word phrase laid the foundation for successful e-commerce strategy adopted by companies ranging from Target to TechniArt? 

May 13, 2022
TechniArt's bulb swap service remains one of our longest tenured program offerings, so much so our executive staff cut their teeth in energy efficiency by implementing these types of programs!
May 19, 2020

What Else Do We Have Up Our Sleeves?

Good question. It may be another Guiding Goddess or torchiere recycling type idea. Whatever it is, stay up to date on what’s currently going through the minds of your favorite fast and friendly retailer.

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