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Apply these tried and true program delivery and customer engagement tactics to grow your program’s influence and increase customer satisfaction. After all, nothing makes people happier than unexpected “pleasant” surprises. That’s what we do; from surprising school groups with large fundraising checks to getting customers to crack a smile and think differently of their utility or efficiency program. We’re here to help you reward others wit kits and build loyalty.


What’s in the box?

We’re going to spoil the surprise, Brad Pitt; it’s top quality efficient products with the best pricing you will find in the industry. TechniArt offers kitting and bulk fulfillment services through an easy online ordering platform. We source, design, pick & pack, ship, and report all in house from five different warehouse locations. If you’re looking for savings solutions in the box, we got you covered.

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Kit Programs


Light bulbs and power strips > Gift wrap and magazines

The annual school fundraiser: it’s a rite of passage in our education system. Will it be crock pots or candy bars? Magazines or gift wrap? We’ve all been there. Nothing like selling products with a limited functional purpose. That’s why we developed our own fundraiser called Shining Solutions that’s geared towards helping the community save energy while teaching the next generation of leaders the value and benefits of energy-efficiency. That’s what we call a “win-win.”

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Community Fundraisers

Be efficient and give back.

In the age of searching for new energy savings opportunities, unique community partnerships are often overlooked. TechniArt has helped programs form strong bonds with non-profits to help them raise funds for their mission while exposing the program to new customer segments and participants. Wait, did we just innovate? Maybe we did. Let’s discuss how you can use this proven approach to benefit your program and community.

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