School Fundraising:Take it to a whole new (grade) level

Introducing students to the concept of energy-efficiency, its value and benefits, and how to convey this to their family and friends is a little different than hawking candy bars and popcorn. Our Shining Solutions school fundraiser program has helped participating schools meet and exceed their fundraising goals while having an immeasurable impact on the student participants.

School Fundraisers

Help students learn critical skills outside of the classroom.

Our Shining Solutions program helps introduce students to energy-efficiency by giving them the tools and resources to sell efficient lighting and products to their friends and family. This turnkey program empowers students to begin developing entrepreneurial skills useful for any career path they choose. Shining Solutions also helps programs move significant volume through TechniArt featured rewards and incentives based on sales milestones. Other benefits include:

  • Achieve energy savings and contact information with every sale
  • Financial support for schools and clubs
  • Increased community awareness on available energy-efficiency programs

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Shining Solutions Fundraiser

TechniArt developed the Shining Solutions school fundraiser program to help utilities and energy efficiency programs educate and inform the next generation of consumers understand how to become more energy efficient at home while raising money for their schools. The program consists of students selling a lighting measures and kits to their family and members of the community where the school receives a portion of the proceeds for each sale. TechniArt supplies educational and marketing materials for students to learn the benefits of the products as well as conducts training to students and teachers. Each student is incentivized to fundraise through the program, being eligible for gifts and rewards when they eclipse a specific sales level. This program is currently implemented in Connecticut for Eversource and has been implemented in the past in New Jersey as part of the New Jersey Clean Energy Program.

TechniArt's bulb swap service remains one of our longest tenured program offerings, so much so our executive staff cut their teeth in energy efficiency by implementing these types of programs!
May 19, 2020
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