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Put a pot of coffee on. We’re here to have a talk about all the important things in life. You know, like light bulbs, the joy in executing pop-up retail, trying to outwit Amazon, whether the designated hitter should be allowed in the NL or not, if Area 51 actually exists, and so on.


Make it 4 years straight with Mass Fallen Heroes

Four. Years. Straight. That’s commitment. And that’s what TechniArt and Mass Save have collaborated to do for a great charity, Massachusetts Fallen Heroes, for since 2016. Together, we have managed to raise over $110,000 for Mass Fallen Heroes, which benefits Gold Star Families and returning Veterans who participate in their programs.

This fundraising program works where the Sponsors of Mass Save® (which includes Cape Light Compact, Eversource, National Grid, and Until) support an annual kit promotion that TechniArt implements through select pop-up retail events as well as a limited-time offer.  Half of all the proceeds from kit sales will be donated back to support Mass Fallen Hero programs. The centerpiece of this year’s promotion is a 14-piece kit for only $10 that includes LED bulbs, a desk lamp, and an advanced power strip.

This is one example of TechniArt’s community fundraising initiatives. Supporting local initiatives and giving back the communities we are helping to become more efficient is a big part of who we are as an organization. We’re proud to have helped contribute to Mass Fallen Heroes on behalf of the Mass Save program and hope to support other worthy initiatives in partnership with our clients across the country.