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Brand Attachers: There's no substitute for a face-to-face conversation

We have become so wrapped up in digital communication that we often forget the value in analog, verbal, and written communication: it appeals to more of your senses and drives deeper customer engagement. TechniArt excels in helping customers better understand energy-efficiency and identifying barriers which thwart their adoption of new products and services that can be overcome with adjustments to program strategy.

Establish a new customer feedback loop.

With the time it takes to generate insights from doing traditional customer research, the problems you were facing months ago could potentially upend a new pilot or throw your program off from its projections. Wouldn’t you like a better pulse on what your customers think about the products and services you’re offering that’s real-time? Our brand attachers are trained marketing professionals that help improve customer satisfaction and can even help with program lead generation. Benefits to deploying them include:

  • Better access to customers than researchers: engage people face-to-face to generate insights instead of depending on mobile surveys
  • Fosters greater customer satisfaction and potentially higher JD Power scores
  • Builds brand awareness and affinity.

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Case Study

Efficiency Vermont Kit & Event Support

Efficiency Vermont needed additional support to engage their customers at community events throughout the state. TechniArt provided brand attacher and marketing services, helping to deploy pop-up retail, bulb-swap, and deliver kits through fairs and festivals. To date, our team has delivered over 4,000 energy-saving kits and provided useful insights to Efficiency Vermont staff including the addition of new products to the program based on customer demand.


Energy-saving kit programs remain an integral part of residential portfolios based on their effectiveness in introducing customers to products that can quickly make an impact in a home. Whether it’s through enhancing building performance through improved weatherization, mitigating the energy required to heat water, or eliminating wasted energy from electronic devices, bundled offerings are the hands-on, interactive delivery mechanism programs can use to get their customer invested and engaged in improving whole home efficiency

May 10, 2023

The future of energy is here. Beneficial electrification. Utilities and energy providers need to educate their customers about this disruptive shift with an omnichannel marketing and awareness approach. The challenge of explaining a multifaceted concept like beneficial electrification to a customer becomes a much easier proposition when they can experience firsthand what new technologies can do for their home.

July 11, 2022

“I’ll be back.”  

The Governator was on to something when he said that. Who knew this pithy three-word phrase laid the foundation for successful e-commerce strategy adopted by companies ranging from Target to TechniArt? 

May 13, 2022

What Else Do We Have Up Our Sleeves?

Good question. It may be another Guiding Goddess or torchiere recycling type idea. Whatever it is, stay up to date on what’s currently going through the minds of your favorite fast and friendly retailer.

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