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Interested in expanding your digital direct-to-customer footprint? We can help.

TechniArt serves up some of the best digital sales and engagement channels on behalf of utilities, energy programs, and program implementers nationwide. Here’s a menu of our favorite direct-to-customer digital channels with some light guidance included.

Order if…
Pairs best with…
Available Integrations Customer Validation Lead-time Platform Price
Flash Sale You want to drive sales fast through a limited-time offer Anything (seriously) DR only Zip Code 2 weeks $$$
Order Site You want customers to order kits or products in bulk for free Free Kits None Zip Code 2 weeks $$$
Virtual Pop-up You want to offer up co-branded micro-storefronts to partners Lighting bundles None Zip Code 2 weeks $$$
Marketplace Lite You want a more agile and focused marketplace T-stats, EV, LEDs, Water-Savers You name it You pick 4 weeks $$$
Marketplace You want a traditional e-commerce shopping experience T-stats, EV, LEDs, Water-Savers You name it You pick Up to 8 weeks $$$
Product Advisor Plus You want to sell equipment with an option for installation or delivery ASHP, EV, HPWH, Tankless You name it You pick Up to 3 months $$$

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