Custom solutions built to capture energy savings and drive program adoption.

Online Platforms
Pop-up Retail
Commercial & Business
Custom Utility Solutions
Special Offers
We leverage email, social media and digital channels to maximize sales of energy-efficient lighting, showerheads, and powerstrips on our custom landing pages.
Monthly Promotions
TechniArt’s monthly promotions leverage data analytics and digital marketing you to cross-sell your customers and capture maximum savings and signups.
Custom Marketplaces
Our customized online stores create a unique education and shopping experience for your customers, highlight your brand, and feature a broad selection of energy-efficient products.
TechniArt is a major distributor of lighting, powerstrip, showerhead, and energy-efficient products for commercial, residential, and small business programs. Contact us for the best pricing and models for your program.
Digital Marketplaces
Looking for easy methods to supply your business customers with energy-efficient products? TechniArt’s online platforms facilitate instant fulfillment and direct engagement with your business customers and facilities.
Lead and Audit Services
Looking to target commercial businesses for audit leads or commercial products? TechniArt can identify opportunities for upgrades and promote your programs while engaging with facility and business contacts.
Upstream & Midstream
TechniArt’s online portals facilitate instant fulfillment for your contractor, midstream and small business customers. We supply energy-efficient products and easy online inventory systems for your programs.
Kit and Bulk Fulfillment
Are you looking for a kitting or bulk fulfillment partner with easy online ordering platforms and the best pricing? TechniArt can help: let us source top-quality products for your kit and bulk purchase programs.
Our school and community fundraiser programs drive sales of energy-efficient products, deepen relationships with the community and provide educational programs for schools and local organizations.
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