TechniArt Incorporated Acquires Ownership Stake in Leading Marketing Agency

February 18, 2019 - TechniArt, Inc. has purchased an ownership stake in Colangelo, the marketing agency focused on Brand Attachment. Colangelo is best known for their science-driven, Brand Attachment service that uncovers human behaviors, rituals, and truths that have existed for thousands of years-and finds strategic solutions that make client marketing dollars work harder and smarter. The agency services many prominent consumer brands including Diageo, Sabra and Ocean Spray.

"This transaction is mutually beneficial to both organizations," said Adam Tardif, President of TechniArt. "Colangelo provides us with access to first-rate brand marketing, which includes creative and research expertise that will bolster our ability to improve and grow our core services. We provide Colangelo with a seat at the table in a fast-evolving industry trying to reduce energy consumption while ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty."

Investing in customer experience is not a new concept to TechniArt. As the demand-side management industry's leading experiential retailer, TechniArt built its reputation based on thousands of one-on-one conversations with energy efficiency program and utility customers across the nation. TechniArt also pioneered the use of limited-time offers to drive e-commerce sales. Prior to deployment of limited-time offers, most online storefronts experienced stagnant sales and growth.

"Customers expect more when they go shopping, no matter what they are looking to buy," said Tardif. "Integrating Colangelo into our business will help us improve customer experience through our pop-up retail, limited-time offer, and kit programs. This is paramount to any B2C business, especially to our utility and energy efficiency program clients."

TechniArt plans to expand its marketing and customer engagement services with its investment in Colangelo and the recent hiring of its Vice President of Market Development, Mark Michalski. We will provide clients with better customer insights and engagement data. Planning is underway to introduce the company's new and expanded marketing and customer engagement services to its portfolio of 31 energy efficiency program and utility clients this spring. This will provide additional support to clients especially when their programs enter the busy season.

TechniArt Inc. Hires Vice President of Market Development

January 17, 2019 - TechniArt, Inc. has brought in industry veteran, Mark Michalski, as its Vice President of Market Development. Mr. Michalski is an award-winning and nationally-recognized marketing professional with sixteen years' experience within the demand-side management industry. His responsibilities include growing awareness of the TechniArt brand, securing new business related to the company's industry-leading Limited-Time Offer platform and pop-up retail programs, and establishing client-facing marketing and customer engagement services.

"It was only a matter of time before Mark and TechniArt would finally join forces,” said President, Adam Tardif. "Mark's been an important business partner for over ten years. Our successful collaboration spurred extraordinary growth within our e-commerce business unit where we have provided solutions to efficiency programs within 21 states since 2016.”

Mr. Michalski comes to TechniArt from Cadmus, where as a Senior Associate he led the firm's strategic marketing and customer engagement practice. His core client were the electric utility and energy efficiency program sponsors for Mass Save's lighting & consumer product initiative. He helped the Mass Save sponsors establish and grow their social media platforms, receiving recognition by the Association of Energy Service Professionals (AESP) for its inaugural Outstanding Achievement in Social Media award. Mark led the Mass Save sponsors to use social media to support Limited-Time Offer sales promotions (completed in partnership with TechniArt) to great success causing a national shift in how program administrators use e-commerce to support their programs.

Beyond his work on Mass Save at Cadmus, Mark consulted to the U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR Program for five years as a consumer electronics and water heater expert. He recently served as project manager for the development of AESP's 32-hour Certificate of Excellence DSM Program Management. Mark began his tenure as a project manager at the New York State Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) where he helped guide the New York Energy SmartSM Products Program, and related bounty, rebate, and incentive programs and associated marketing campaigns, to multiple awards. During his tenure at NYSERDA, he also launched the nation's first advanced power strip program and collaborated with industry stakeholders to set product standards and program delivery approach still used today.

"Keep your eyes open in 2019 because Mark's hiring is just the first of many exciting announcements,” said Tardif. "We're at a crossroads in this industry: we all need to invest in improving our customer's experience. Bringing in someone like Mark will help us with that, but we still have more work to do.”

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