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Tuesday June 27, 2017    

Lighting Fairs
Host a Lighting Fair
TechniArt makes hosting a Lighting Fair simple. The host company provides the space to establish a functioning showroom/sales floor and access to the building for our employees and inventory. Most events are held in a cafeteria, lobby or conference room. We handle the set up, movement of inventory, customer service and sales.

Once a date and time for the event is agreed upon, TechniArt will customize an event flyer for you to distribute to your employees. The flyer will inform people about the event specifics and highlight some of the products that will be available for sale. Page two of the flyer includes a "How to Choose" guide to help customers decide what bulbs they need prior to the event.

The day of the event, TechniArt staff will be on hand to answer questions, help customers make purchases and distribute product. Acceptable forms of payment are cash or check and all products have a manufacturer’s warranty.

Book your event today! Contact one of the following Program Managers:

Connecticut & New Hampshire
Jason Parauka

download program brochure

New Jersey
Danielle Heise

download program brochure

Matthew Ouellette

Seattle, Washington
Casey Cardillo

If your company is located in a state not listed above or you are interested in sponsoring a Lighting Fair for your residential customers, please contact Adam Tardif.

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